We need help! Chairmans

Hello teams.
We are a almost rookie team from China. We are less inform about the awards in First. Well, we just want to know something about the chairman award this year.
here are some question:
1,when is the deadline of submission. Is it same ever year?
2,What does the essay needs to include? Is there any direction? or outline question?
3,What is time limitation of video and presentation?

We can’t find any useful information about Chairman award this year:( :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Can you tell me the way you get information?

Plz accept our appreciation! thank you:p

Here is some info we are using from the game manual…

Hope this get you started.

Good Luck !

Hi Nathan!
Rookie teams can’t do Chairmans, unfortunately.
Chairmans is an award for teams who have been around for more than 2 years, to show their long term commitment to their community.
In the mean time, start working on helping your community, spreading science and engineering education.
Come back in 2 years and I would be happy to help you set up your Chairmans application :slight_smile:

Strictly speaking, second-year teams are eligible for Chairmans. I have even seen one win at the regional level.

Also, some rookie grants require the team complete a chairmans-style document. Even without that, it is not a bad idea to start gathering the information you will need for next year’s submission now. Additionally, the process of gathering the data will make you more prepared to talk to the judges for rookie all star.

Thank you all! And forgive my poor english skill. “Almost rookie” actually mean we are almost a rookie team but not. This is our second year. lel:]

Look at examples of winning Chairman’s entries, which you can easily find online.

MOE’s winning entry from 2007 is here:

We also gave a presentation in 2008 on how to prepare your entry. It is dated but the basic concepts are the same:


It’s always a good process for a team to do, even for a second year team. You can just build on it each year.

Hi Nathan! I highly suggest that your team completes the Chairman’s award this year as it helps you to document everything your team does. Please let us know here if you have any other questions.

Good luck!

Hey Nathan!

Something that really helped our team when we submitted chairman’s last year was this guide by Team 2486. We submitted last year, so if you have any questions about it, send me a message and I’ll do my best to find resources for you! Best of luck!!

Y’all provided nice resources, but I’m gonna go ahead and answer the questions.

  1. The deadline for the Chairman’s Award (and Woodie Flowers Award) is February 4 2016, at 3 PM EST (GMT -5). I’m really bad at time zones, but I think that means for Beijing (GMT +8) that means it is Due February 5 at 6 AM where you live. It has been moved up this year.

  2. Section 6.4 of the Administrative Manual outlines the Chairman’s Award. It should be available for you to view and download at this link. Reading through this will give you all the requirements for all facets of the award. The guides and examples people have posted will help you fill that out.

All major season information from HQ can be found here.

To submit the award, you need to have a student approved to join your team on YTMS/STIMS. Your main contact (whoever is getting communication from FIRST) needs to approve you as an awards submitter via TIMS. This is a system only your main or alternate contact can access. Then you can submit for the award.

  1. You can find these answers in the manual section I posted, but the video is 3 minutes and not officially judged. The presentation is a 10 minute block, with up to 7 minutes to present and the remainder for q&a.

If you have any other questions people here can help. Sorry if this seems forward, but while my Mandarin can best be described as both rusty and lousy, my team works out of an international school and I might be able to find someone to help with any translation you might need.

Thank you all!!! That really helpful to us. We plan to try Chairman award this year, and we done essay and video, there is one more question remain. Which is do we also need to record the presentation and put it in the STIM system? Or we just need to show the judge in the event?

The presentation is presented by your team at the event–no upload required. I’m not sure the judges even get a copy of it.

Presentations vary, as well. Powerpoints are only one possible method (though given time constraints, they’re probably the best).

Oh, one more thing. Today when we fill the application of Chairman Award. We found that we also need to post 4 pictures. What is the pictures about? Our team photo? Or the photo to support the questions above?

Use photos that support your presentation. The judges want to see your students doing the outreach that you have described in your presentation.

Congratulations on planning to work towards the Chairman’s Award. Personally, I believe teams that have the Chairman’s Award as a goal make better decisions as a team. Far too few teams are attempting to work towards this goal. Likewise, the Woodie Flowers Award. I know so many deserving mentors that are being ignored by their teams. There is absolutely no excuse for not making a Woodie nomination. All you teams out there have just a few days to get your nomination together and submit. Get it done.

It’s really awesome that you are submitting for the Chairman’s Award! Here are some resources I have found for my team, and I hope they will be helpful for yours!
These are links to specific wordings for the essay, and for past year submission videos.
Good Luck!