We need help finding this piece

Would anyone know where we can obtain more bars/channels like this? Has it been discontinued?

Pretty sure that’s just a standard piece of extruded U-channel, not something made specifically for FIRST. Dimensions would help us help you find it.

As an example, check for 9001K54 on McMaster. It’s 2"x1" 6063 because I’m not sure what your exact application or size is. I would encourage you to check your local metal distributor since they would have the best prices.

If it’s easier to source, you could get some tube and cut one side off, if you need it to be open on one side.

Dimensions would be helpful.

The dimensions for the piece we have are 1/2 in. wide and 1 in. tall. The metal itself is 1/16 in. thick. Or if necessary, in centimeters, it was roughly 1.2 cm wide, 2.5 cm tall, and .1 cm thick.
I’ll look for it on McMaster, thanks. For clarification, the leg length is what I described as the “tallness”, right?

Here you go.

Oh, thanks for providing the link.