We need help identifying this piece

As the title says, we have a bar, no idea where we got it, what it is called, or where to buy it.

Would anyone happen to know what it is, and perhaps where we can get more? We are in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thanks in advance.



That’s a piece of C channel which the kitbot frame used to be made of a few years back. We just scrapped a frame of this last week.

That’s a part of the old KOP chassis from IFI, to my knowledge its not produced anymore. It was first given in the 2005 kop I think.

Looks like one of the old (very old) KoP frames… circa 2008ish. See the bottom of page 5 of the 2008 KoP checklist: http://www3.usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/Community/FRC/FRC_Documents_and_Updates/2008_Assets/Manual/2008%20KoP%20Checklist-RevB.pdf

I know it was in at least a few other years, but I specifically remember it on our robot from that year :slight_smile:

IFI Kitbot chassis from '05-'07 timeframe. VEXPro still sells it. http://www.vexrobotics.com/vexpro/structure/2005-kitbot-chassis-components.html

VexPro Kitbot Rail p/n 217-0437.


Our chassis is made of a similar piece this year 2005 vex chassis look at the vex I believe his is exactly what your looking for.

Here is a picture of A robot with it you can see the flange located at the bottom
Same material as the above:

We bought some from Vex this year to make our robot out of.

Thanks for the link.