We need new computers

Hello our team, 4919 leodroids neeeds new/better computers ;if you/your team have old computers dm me we need these for cad coding and scouting thanks

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If your team has any mentors or parents who work at a company that issues laptops to employees see if you can get a technology donation when they refresh their systems. A lot of IT departments replace laptops on a 3 - 5 year cycle and you can nab some older but still decent computers for free (they’d send them to a recycling center or some other donation program otherwise).

We’ve gotten 7 laptops this past year from these programs. The battery life is only a little over an hour on them but they were beefy machines for their time (Core i7 and 1GB GPU RAM), pop in a 120GB SSD for $20 and they are more than usable. If you want to go crazy spend $50 on a new battery too and they will match most sub-$600 laptops you could buy.


We have had good luck using the same methods. It never hurts to ask, you’d be surprised what companies throw away on a regular basis.

I woulld, but I’ve got all these hungry mouths to feed:

FTC 9536, 10466, 10468, 11586, 13104, 15183
FLL 21022, 21023, 21024, 26191, 41805

In all serioius though, we have had luck in the past getting laptops from parents/sponsors/other connections.

If your team is affiliated with any school there may be an option. Most schools in my state throw out perfectly good machines or even pay to recycle them. They may come w/o a operating system as they usually wipe them clean, but…

If I looked your team up correctly, you are right outside of San Diego, California (love that place btw)

I would look for a Server/web hosting company (M5 hosting is near you) and ask for some desktops or laptops they might have left over or not use.

We have gotten 12 or so desktops from a server company with 16 GB of ram and old core i7s, and SSDs, so they’re pretty good for anything FRC related. That’s also how that company sponsors us.

If you need cheap laptops, someone mentioned that companies have leasing partnerships. Look into those.

Also, eBay is full of off-lease refurbished computers. Our team has 2, and I bought one for myself. They’re dirt cheap for the specs you get. I like to look for the Lenovo’s (W540, T-series, X1 Carbon series (avoid gen 2) )

You could also check for a nearby university’s recycling program. We’re near Michigan State University, and they always have old Dell Desktops And Servers for less than $200 each, plus they might also sponsor you

eBay has perfectly good copies of Windows for less than $10. I don’t know if they’re legal, but they work every single time

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If they’ve ever had Windows installed on them, they shouldn’t need a new license key since I believe each license is tied to the motherboard. Just burning a Windows 10 ISO onto a flash drive should be fine.

Off-lease HP z series workstations like z420 and z230 on eBay can be a great bang for the buck if you find ones with good specs.

Off-lease and refurbished business class laptops off e-bay is a great way to get some decent machines for a team. 3468 got 4 Thinkpad T440p’s that way last year. Wonderful programmer machines for their price.

Not sure how “New” new needs to be, but government surplus auctions are another option.


Beware of shipping restrictions. You may have to purchase hard drives separately.


TIL. Yowza. I have red flags going off in my head since this seems nearly too good to be true.

Still, the cost is so low that I could buy 10 of these from different sellers, hoping one would work, and still come out on top.

I believe they’re old Windows 7 keys that are allowed to be used, or they’re windows 10 but they’re sell offs from OEMs that buy in bulk. Not sure either way. All I know is that Windows says it works

Thanks yall for the suggestions

I had computes, yet yee changed it

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