We need quick way to restore dashboard windows

Often when editing the dashboard to add or edit controls & indicators we will accidentally select and reposition one of the dashboard window panes and then save the dashboard. When we bring up the driver station sometimes the dashboard controls will be in the wrong place or worse yet somewhere off the display pane. We then spend forever playing with the dashboard window panes trying to restore them back to the position they belong in.
We have yet to figure out the logic to what needs to be located where to get it to look right.
Is there some methodology we can use to quickly put the dashboard window panes back to where they need to be to get the dashboard to display everything correctly? I’m sure some other LabView programmers have experienced this.

The dashboard layout is a bit fiddly. That is mostly because it does resizing at the bottom of the diagram. If you realize that you accidentally moved things around, I’d suggest using Ctl-Z to undo the move or resize. If you are way past that and want to put things back, it will be useful to create another dashboard project for reference, possibly on another computer. Use it to know where things started. If you want a very different layout, it isn’t hard if you turn off the resize code. But that makes it pretty tied to a given laptop and resolution.

I can give more detailed suggestions if you show the panel and what you are going for.

Greg McKaskle