We Need Serious Robot Help!

Our robot doesn’t drive at all! I’d give more details, but there are too many to list! Ask me any question you want that could help you understand what is wrong with our robot! We’re in the workshop right now, so we can try anything now on our robot that could help it roll! Please help us!

Programming language?? post code

Post picture of wiring

You should probably list your setup, the things you’ve tried, and the exact problems you are currently running into (more specific than “It won’t drive!!!”).

Pictures are good too.

What color are the lights on your motors?

Have you reimaged your cRIO this year?

Is everything correctly wired into the PD board?

Does the driver station indicate that you are connected to your robot?

We program in Labview. I attached pictures from the three VIs, but I’m not able to give you pictures of the wiring.

What motor controllers are you using?

Is the PWM seated in all of them properly.

Does your drivetrain spin fairly easily without the motors?

Is your digital sidecar properly powered?

Are your motors trying to fight each other in the gearbox?

The colors on the Talons are the same (orange), but two flash and two are solid. No, we haven’t reimaged our cRIO this year. Everything is corretly wired on the PD board. The driver station says that we are connected to the robot. Anymore questions?

In the first VI your “Open 2 Motor” VIs are set to rely on a single PWM. That might not be the only problem, but it could cause issues later on.

The PWMs are properly seated. We can still turn the drivetrain by ourselves. How can we tell if the DSC is properly powered (only 2 out of 3 LEDs are on). No, our motors aren’t fighting against each other. Does that help?

when you press forward on the joystick(s) what does your robot do?

I told you how to in your 2nd thread.

By creating 3 different threads, and not following the advice in previous threads, you’re making it harder to help and take longer to get to the root cause.

It’s because, physically, they are. Go to http://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/s/3120/m/8559/l/92626-wiring-the-2014-frc-control-system and do a ctrl+f to search for “4 Controllers - PWM Cables”.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I followed your advice, but it still doesn’t work.

Alexander. We can probably assist you tonight, maybe Skype or Face Time. I will send you a PM with my contact information…

Sorry. I’m used to running a tank drive with four different PWM cables.

If you have anything that you can test power output with, try it on the motor controllers and post it here. That may help us to narrow down possible causes for your problem.

On the red plus sign of the talon, there’s 11 volts. On the other side, it’s 0 volts.

Does your joystick show up on the driver station?
If it does, is it in the right slot/configuration?

If don’t have all three LED’s lighted on the digital sidecar none of your drive motors will work.

So go back to basics and check your wiring. The first place to start is with the digital sidecar and make sure are supplying 12 Volts NOT 5 volts to it. You get
12 volts from a 20 amp breaker on the PDB. Start with that and go forward one step at a time.