We need some help :)

Hey I am a member of team 1279 from Immaculata in Somerville New Jersey. It was our first year in competition and we are trying to do some other smaller competitions in the upcoming weeks. We were wondering if there is a team in New Jersey who did not use the gears that were given to them in the kit. We are in desperate need of them and would be most gracious if you would like to donate them to us.

If you don’t know what they are…2" Helical Gear, 1" Helical gear. Again we will be most gracious if you would donate them to us so we can have some more fun along with you guys. Any team who would like to help please do so :frowning: . Thank you

1257 is in Scotch Plains, NJ, and I can pretty much guarantee that we can give you those gears (and the plastic gearbox they come with, if you need it). We are looking for all the stuff that comes with the drill motors (drill motors, gearbox, mount, coupler and assosciated hardware), so anything you might not need would be great. I’m not asking for a trade, just thought I might ask.

Hey! Sounds great… would you like to exchange screen names or anything in order for us to get in touch with you? On the parts that you need I can check to see what we have left over and if we do we will be glad to help you out too. This will be great if you can help us :slight_smile: times running out though we have a competition next saturday. like a said if you want it would be good for us to exhange screen names… My screen name is Fivemoreyears but for some reason I can’t recieve emails so you will have to catch me when i am on which is most of the time. If you want to email me i use my moms cause im a moocher and that is mom5838@optonline.com

Thanks again,

I hope we can help each other out now and in the future too :slight_smile:

hmmm, i’ll see if i my team can help ya out, we’ve sworn never to use them again because of all the problems, but if your gunna use em make sure to oil them nicely or the’ll stop working. so yeah i think we might be able to give you some of our extras, i just gatta clear it with the chief

sure clear whatever you need if you need to get in touch just email me or instant message me