We Need Your Help! - NJ/PA Teams - FRC 8707

Hi everyone,

I am the sole mentor for FRC rookie team 8707.

Due to a lack of experience from the school program leaders (both are new this year), and frankly, a large amount of administrative oversight, the team faces significant challenges competing this year at their events (Springside-Chest. We have ordered many items through our district’s program several weeks ago (as they don’t allow suppliers other than Robotics specific manufacturers) but haven’t received a majority of our orders, and frankly, it’s likely that we won’t receive them in time for our event.

8707’s tooling situation is also fairly bad, because again, due to an administrative oversight, no tools were ordered for the team. The team decided that an EveryBot would best fit our abilities and goals for this season.

Taking all of this into account, here are the main things we need help with listed in general order of importance:


  • Sheets of Polycarbonate, any size/width
  • CIM Sport/Ultraplanetary Gearboxes
  • Gussets
  • 10-32, 1/4-20 hardware (certain sizes)
  • Anderson housings (for NEOs)
  • Plywood/Noodles for bumpers


  • Several pieces of aluminum tubing must be cut with bearing holes (dimensionally accurate)
  • Several pieces require gussets to be riveted (so rivets, and a rivet gun)
  • Some polycarbonate must be cut for the belly pan/electronics (we lack the tools to cut it, and the polycarbonate itself)
  • Several batteries must be made (we have the batteries and cable, but no crimping tools)

I’ve linked a Google Sheet below with a color coded guide to our needs with the following colors:

Green - We have it.
Yellow - We may have it, but aren’t sure/don’t have the entire amount.
Red - We don’t have it.

Materials Needed

I will be updating it as needed.

Additionally, if any of your teams will be present at the SCH or Bensalem events, we would greatly appreciate any help at the event.

I will be available to drive/pick up materials from teams all week if you are located anywhere close to Newark or Northern NJ.

On behalf of all of 8707,
Thank you.


Sent you a DM, MidKnight can definitely help with some of this! :slight_smile: Posted in the FMA Discord as well for better visibility.


We can definitely help you with some of these items. We will also be at SCH and would be more than happy to assist. I’m almost wondering if we could have event organizers put your pit near teams that would be willing to help. I’ll message you separately.


Just checked that out and sent you a message :+1:

The Hatters will be at SCH, Please let us know what we can bring for you, we have most of these items in-stock but aren’t in the Northern NJ area for easy pickup!!! We are a heavy user of anderson powerpoles, sheet aluminum and tube aluminum, if we have it, its yours… If you can send us a cad file or dimensional drawings of items you need cut, we have a CNC and would be happy to help you guys out!


+1 for these guys. They cut stuff for us as well. Between the 2 of us, we could likely fabricate what you need. I don’t mind being a runner either if you need stuff dropped off or collected on Saturday or Sunday.


Will send you a message :+1:

Team 714 in Newark NJ is here to help our team is down the road from 8707

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Sadly we aren’t close by but I will buy all of the McMaster items for you. 316 will also be at SCH and Bensalem and would love to help however we can


we can deliver today May 9th
Polycarbonate anysize or cut to size
Plywood and size or cut to dimension needed.

We are reaching out to the other team in Newark, Paterson, West Orange


Energizing to see the FRC community coming together. Good luck 8707!


These are the reasons I’m happy to be in FMA! We’re way down in south jersey but if you need any machining done we can help!


Sounds good :+1: Not sure if I will be traveling today to Newark due to the weather, but I will be in the area sooner rather than later.


Just messaged you on discord :+1:

1626 is at Saint Joseph HS in Metuchen. We have a small shop, manpower and materials to assist. Send me a PM or an email and we’ll work with you and your team to make this happen. We’re competing at Bensalem and will be glad to help.

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Seconding Rich’s offer of help from 1626. I can also help with bumpers, whether you want to do two sets or changeable covers.

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I let Ravi know, but we already bought all the MCM stock for them, plus some polycarb in a few thicknesses - it’s on its way to their school - so just want to be sure we don’t double efforts! :slight_smile:

Going to our HD locally as well who has always given our team gift cards in the past to see if we can get one for 8707 as they approach the weekend to pick up the HD items.


Thanks so much guys, I will reach out at some point. I tried to deconstruct the previous years’ bumpers, but unfortunately they’re a bit beat up from moving back and forth from building to building.

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Hi all, back after spending a day updating driver stations/motor controllers/answering calls/watching my phone blow up.

The support here has been nothing less than overwhelming!!

I’ve updated the spreadsheet a little bit, in blue are all the items that teams have offered (thank you so much guys!!!)

Some items (home depot) items were especially difficult as the ordering process for “non-robotics” suppliers is way, way more paperwork, but hopefully a majority of the items can be substituted for robotics alternatives (say, springs being swapped out for surgical tubing).

It snowed quite a bit here today, so I was unable to go to the shop/drive into Newark. That being said, I am free all week (coincidentally, it is spring break) to pick up/deliver any items. I do have some 1X1 and 2X1 material that needs to be cut/have dimensionally accurate holes drilled into it as well.

I will be available 24/7, so please, anyone, send me a dm and I will try to get to it as soon as possible.


Hi Ravi,

Shot you a PM to get you some additional tools.

Quick note: When you get to Home Depot, please ask to speak to a manager there and let them know you are part of a local high school robotics team and that you have non profit status through your school. If you can bring proof of this with you, that would be even better.

Home Depot and other large stores often authorize their managers to make small donations (up to $500 in materials and goods) without further approval. It never hurts to ask for some free or discounted materials for your robotics team.