WE NEED YOUR HELP! Send us your floppy disks

Hi everyone

My name is Aaron Smothers from Patrick Henry’s Herobotics team 2500 from Minneapolis Minneasota and we need your help. We have a great Idea for some trophies and give aways we want to create using some very retro items. If you have any floppy disks, vinyl records, or 8 track tapes your not using or dont mind permenatly parting with please send them to us. We don’t mind paying for shipping if you want us to. Time is important for us to get these items and create our prizes and awards and everyone that contributes a large amount will recieve one in return.

If you would like more information about where to send them please contact us at herobotics2500@gmail.com
Thank YOU!

Just out of curiosity, how much is a large amount? :smiley:
I’m not sure how many i have at my house, ranging from 5-30. I’ll send you an email

I just threw away 1,000 floppy disks. I kept the polyolefin (Tyvek) sleeves for CDs & DVDs. They fit right into the floppy file boxes you can pick up at garage sales for a buck a piece.

Did you really mean floppy disks (the 5.25" kind)
or did you mean the rigid 3.5" diskettes?


Yes, more clarification please, I have probably 500 floppy disks I can send…:yikes:

5.25"? huh…

I don’t think I have that many, probably only a few hundred. Somewhere I have a box of “new” 160k disks, I think.

I have a few boxes of 8" floppies too. And some drives they fit into.