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As you might know, Dow made a contest for FIRST teams to create a vidéo and for fans to vote their creations.

This thread is just to let you know that if you don’t have any idea on who to vote for you can vote for us there: www.bit.ly/1qRgkoG


I voted for you. But also my own team. bit.ly/22FX6hm

I guess it is one vote per team per day. Which is strange because originally I thought of forming voting pacts, but then thought but that would not work, but it does.

Too far behind now. That being said I’ll vote for any other teams that post their link here.

Other DOW videos we posted in thisthread.

I’d suggest looking at ours(461).

To update, I’ve voted for 461, 1108, and 5618 (those posted in this thread). So I’ll keep that up.

Close 4th vs 5th place. Who wants my vote, MechTech Dragons or Lambots? EDIT: Lambots got me first for voting (already vote #1636). Good luck.

edit: I am only voting on links in this thread, because those are my rules. I see other threads have popped up.

Hello, I’m from Team Lambot 3478,we are participating in Dow365’s “Shaping the Future” video contest. We published a video about sustainable solutions to solve actual world problems. Our team is currently in 5th place! We would appreciate it if you could help us by voting for our video and sharing it! Each person is allowed to vote every 24 hours. Thank you! :slight_smile:

This is the link for voting:

Vote for Lambot please, I already voted for your team.

I did. I was a little surprised to see the change in votes from yesterday. Just with how the voting had been, at least one or two teams put in a huge number of votes yesterday. Maybe they went door-to-door with flyers, which would be one way to fairly get votes.

There are two teams based out of North America that jumped about 600 votes between midnight and 8am eastern. I’ll let you fill the blank for how that happened.

edit: My accusations at least against one team I have since seen that they got votes fairly. I’ve communicated any concerns directly to Dow365. Good luck everybody.


edit: And a really big thanks to Dow Chemical for donating $25,000 to FIRST teams.