We now have a planet named Sedna

We now have a planet named Sedna
Discovered by a woman named Edna
Her collieges exclaimed
We think your insane
and no man in his right mind would wed ya!

(check the news - its true - we have 10 planets now!)

A link or a source?

Some people say pluto isn’t a planet due to its size (smaller than our moon). So I say we now have 9 planets :smiley:

edited: Here is the news I found



planetoid? is it politically correct to discriminate against planets based on their size?

compaired to Jupiter, earth is not a planet either, not by a long shot :^()

I saw the NY Times story on it this morning. Plenty of good links at Google News… I think that as we further our ability to see into the depths of space, we’ll discover smaller and smaller “planets”. I wonder whether or not if there will be a distinction made between a rock orbiting the sun and a “planet” in the near future. Heh.

I also wonder how many teachers were teaching the planets today to their elementary school kids today.

“Now kids, how many planets are there? Tommy?”

“Err… Ten!”

“No, that’s wrong Tommy. Does anyone else know?”

what is the correct answer then?


I would say there are 1 and more planets, since the teacher is asking for numbers of planet in the universe not our solar system :wink:

I’m not too surprised. I read about the possibility of a 10th planet in a magazine last year. Apparently there is a common track of comets and meteors that led to the theory.

Now we know.

The correct answer would be 9, or 8, depending on who you’re asking.

A lot of people think that Pluto isn’t a planet either ;).

" Named Sedna, after the Inuit goddess who created the sea creatures of the Arctic, the planetoid is 800 to 1,100 miles in diameter, or about three-quarters the size of Pluto, and probably half rock, half ice."

we are going to find out its like a metor or something that just seems to quicendently become an orbiting rock =P

I seem to remember reading once that our moon is so large that technically its not a moon, its a sister planet

which would mean we have 11 planets now!

Teacher: Billy? How many planets are in our solar system?
Billy: That depends
Teacher: on what?
Billy: on who wants to know? An astronomer, a physicist, an astronaut, or a lawyer?

Oh boy. :yikes:

Here we go again… didn’t something like this pop up a few years back?

If you ask me, it’s probably one of the larger rocks of the Oort cloud. But it sounds like a pretty place, if it’s true that it’s been undisturbed for the past 4.5 billion years.

they said the temp on Sedna is 4°K on the surface (4° above absolute zero!)

but with the windchill it can get down to -20°K :ahh:

wow, imagine if that were actually possible. I mean at 0 K (I thought there was no degree symbol for kelvin) there is theoretically no molecular movement at all so what would happen if an object would reach negative kelvin? Also even if there wer no molecular movement how would the object manage to exist? :ahh:

when the windchill is -20K the temp is not really below absolute zero

it only feels that way on exposed skin :ahh:

I know it isn’t actually but IMAGINE!!! if that WERE POSSIBLE!!! what would happen

well… it cant a happen - absolute zero is the point at which all atomic vibration stops - so once its stopped, it cant stop any further

so by definition it cant get any colder

(and by the way, you cant have windchill at 4K - I think all the gasses we know of would be a liquid at that temp, and most would be a solid, there there cant be any wind :^)

Well, this is a FIRST robotics forum so I think it’s safe to say we’re not talking to anymore lawyers…

4k is pretty cold. Sounds like Michigan weather to me!

Absolute zero is fun. Weeeeird things happen at absolute zero.

Heh, think how long exposed skin would last at 4 K. :slight_smile: