We really are night owls..

Most users ever online was 517, 08-08-2005 at 03:25 AM.

Wow, FIRSTers really are night owls. Someone save us all.

I think there were a load of search engine bots in there…

Perhaps you’re right. Either way… you and I are here at this time of night… aren’t we?

Nope. Not me, ever!

Us? Night owls? No way!

…What’s that hooting I hear…

It’s not night…

It’s simply early morning…

Very early morning… like 2:19am morning…

I live in the Sunshine State… but hard to tell at 3:20.


Heh, i hadnt noticed that, but its a perfectly reasonable time for me: Most users ever online was 517, 08-08-2005 at 08:25 AM.


it changes the time listed based on your time zone, therefore, SOME users were online REALLLY early and others were on at a reasonable time for them

well, there are also a couple of people who might be in diff time zones; take me for example. august 8th, i was in india, so i was on chiefdelphi but it was 3 in the afternoon over there. though really, i am a night owl, so it wouldn’t be unusual for me to be online at 3:25 in the morning anyhow :smiley:
in a totally unrelated topic…its almost kickoff!!! hyperventilates in excitement

edit ahaha i can’t read, i totally just repeated what nuttyman54 said…woot woot end edit

Ah, I hadn’t realized that it changed for the timezone… now this makes more sense.