We Redid Our Website!

Out with the wordpress, in with static!


Do you like complaining about things? Or perhaps attempting to break things online? Have at it! Let us know what you don’t like, or you find breakable/broken!

There we go. Broke something going to https://www.robotcasserole.org/

aaah, you’re fast!

Soooo we were getting the same thing briefly, but two refreshes later it seemed fine. Best guess I have now is browsers are caching the old server & certificate info?

If you refresh once or twice, does it go away?

Nope. https://robotcasserole.org works after a few refreshes but not https://www.robotcasserole.org/ — I had this issue when setting up my own website for robotics. I believe we solved the problem by creating a certificate for both https://gnsrobotics.com and https://www.gnsrobotics.com. Or you could redirect the WWW CName to just your domain.

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Maybe this is just a mobile thing but

Those icons are really close to the bottom thing.

Edit: the youtube and TBA icons are what bothers me. The others look fine.

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Cool, thanks all.!www should now redirect straight to robotcasserole.org . Added a bottom margin on the icons

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yup, works now!

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The reveal videos linked on your history page are just showing up as plaintext for me, not hyperlinks.

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got it, linkified. Thanks!

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