We suck!

Tonight a bunch of us got together to get a feel for the kits. We decide to wire up a “Black Beauty” and also get the OI and RC going.

Took a fair amount of time (we wired up through all the breakers and such) and it was a pain just because our tools were limited to what a team mate had on a very industrious keychain

but we finally got it all hooked up, I was personally frightened of the large breaker :smiley: but we switched it, the contollers found each other and then we had somone hit the joystick.

There is no sader sight than 6 or 7 18 year olds shouting in victory over one rotating motor :smiley:

Just a little idea of our first FIRST experience

Not suck, just a good start. I bet you’re ahead of most of the other rookie teams, (I am assuming by the large team number ya’ll are a rookie team). Besides IMHO hooking up any set of electronics and not having the “magic smoke” come spilling out is a good thing that should be cheered over.

You’re doing a lot better then our team. All we’ve done so far is “Ohhh’d” and “Ahhh’d” over the stuff. :smiley: :smiley:

~Alex Wiser~
Team 846 (Lynbrook)

Hmm…my team went through a “what in the world is that??” phase (being rookies and all, no one knew the difference between any of the motors) and then we did a “these are the rules” thing, though that was quick, 'cause they watched the kick off from a NASA feed. We started building the goal, and I think we know what we’re going to build. Or, at the very least, we know what kind of robot we want, which I think is pretty good for the first Monday (my rookie year it took us a week and a half to decide on just what kind of robot we wanted to build). So…Jordan…you got something moving. That’s more than my team can say. So, if you guys suck for it…I don’t even want to know what my team is.


You guys took the “We Suck” too literaly, it was more a joke commenting on how excited we got :smiley:

Thanks for the words of encouragement, I hope we can keep this momentum up then.

well, yesterday we had a small little project ourselves.

We were able to find a pull down weighing scale (like the ones with hooks that you weigh fish with). We were looking around to innovate a mount for such a device, hanging it in between this worn out ladder and securing it with old electrical wires.

In the end, we found out the darn thing didnt work.

More power to ninnies!

Rambots, Ninnies with power tools!

And remember: nothing in FIRST sucks. It “inhales audibly”. :smiley:

cough cough…

yes it does, suck. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep yep. Our team wired up all teh motors individually to see if they worked… which all of them did. I think tonight we will be setting up “The board” (a piece of plywood taht we make our mock-up of a system on) :slight_smile: Fun! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

  • Katie

Part of the experience in teaching students is also learning from the actions of the mentors.

Sure, there are times when the students should be allowed to flap their wings. But sometimes you just need mentors out there to show them how. No, I disagree, there should be more mentors.

I trust my students, but still, I would have wanted them to get more experience in working with mentors (engineers/coaches). How much closer can you get than that? Pressure, stress, and 2 minutes. It doesnt get any closer.


Hey Jordan and TEAM 781

Your FIRST experience will be a GREAT one. Just don’t STOP " Keep On Truckin’ ‘’. We have all
been a first year team. The best is all the help
you will get from the different teams, just ask!!
That’s the great thing about FIRST. Our first year
Team 88 TJ2 had a super time and are still Truckin’. Hope to here from the new team 781 from
from TEAM 88 TJ2 and MOE

Like my team mate posted earlier we hooked up all our motors. and just like your team we were all excited to see them run (mostly the new motor). Next we are on to bigger and better things. Hooking up the pneumatics yeah!!! even in my 2nd year seeing all that stuff run for the 1st time this year was exciting. good luck to u all when u get urs going.