We, Team PyroTech have created a cheap portable battery meter.

Hello FRC teams,

We, Team Pyrotech #3459, have created a product which we feel could be a great addition to any FRC team. We call them Pyro-Meters. Pyro-Meters are small, cheap, portable, battery meters that will give you a readout of your FRC batteries “state of charge.” These meters are used for spur of the moment in-queue battery testing action.

Imagine this: You are in the queue and one of your drivers looks to you and asks “Is this Battery Charged?” instead of scrambling to line up the test leads of a multimeter, effortlessly pop a Pyro-Meter into the connector and know then and there that it is fine.

Go check out our website for more information and pricing!

Our team isn’t going to Championships this year but we do have some students who will be there volunteering. If you would like to have your order delivered to your pit at either Houston or St Louis, we’d be happy to do that.

Keith Mellendorf
3459 PyroTech