We Took a Photo of Our Robot Every Day It Changed This Season (6413 Time Lapse)

Last year we created a time lapse of our robot, taking a photo from the same position every time a significant change was made to it. It turned out so well, we decided to make another time lapse this season! In my post last year, I provided an explanation of the significance of the time lapse from the engineering design process perspective. I think it’s just as valid this season, so here it is again in case you didn’t see it last year.

When you see a completed robot, it’s like reading the last chapter in a book. You know the ending, but you don’t appreciate all of the struggles and challenges that the characters went through to reach that ending. To help share our team’s story this season, every time we made a significant change to the robot, we took a photo from the same position and perspective. Not every change we made was for the better. Engineering design is a nonlinear and often messy process that includes failures. However, with each step we learn and renew our commitment towards constant self-improvement. We believe that this time lapse is a perfect depiction of our team’s journey this season and we wanted to share it with the rest of the community.

We can’t wait to compete with all of the other amazing teams at the AZ East Regional this week!



Very cool to watch the progression. Good lock this season!

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