We will be driving circles around you all!

We got the line sensors from the KoP hooked up to our test robot on Saturday, and since then the programming team has been looking at how to best use them. Once they could follow the lines from the field, we tossed them a little harder challenge!

It’s important to note here that we aren’t using the provided code for the sensors - this is all custom code controlling the robot autonomously!

Coming from an FTC team where we have been line tracking for years that is looking good. Now when you make hands and put them on motors with encoders to find out the location of the robots location is that will impress me. We did that in out first year for FACE OFF

Make sure you fix your bumpers :wink:

[BUMPERS must provide complete protection of the entire FRAME PERIMETER of the ROBOT (i.e. BUMPERS must wrap entirely around the ROBOT). As part of the 100% coverage, BUMPERS must protect all exterior corners of the FRAME PERIMETER. For adequate protection, a full segment of BUMPER must be placed on each side of the corner.]

Good job with the line tracking!!!

That’s our 2007 robot… the bumper rules were a bit different back then :slight_smile: Only slightly modified (new control board, line sensors, prototype roller). Trust me, the new robot’s bumpers will have full coverage.

I will be looking forward to seeing you at the Minnesota Regionals this year!

Your Game Announcer

$@#$@#$@#$@# ! how did u guys custome code tht ! can u guys put the picture of vi becuse we can’t seem to get our robot working with line sensor code provided by ni ! thanks