We will print your shirts

Ok so we just got our screen printing press and we will start to offer local teams and teams across the world a cheaper alternative then other companies around. Our rates will be around $6 a shirt and an extra fee for 2XL and shipping if outside of local area. Screen fee for one color is $20. For more information email us at [email protected]

Screen fee of $20 For one color.
$6 a shirt
Extra fee for 2XL and bigger
Shipping fee

We have a commercial 4 color screen printing press.
Coming soon firstshirts.org
This will offer an option for even parents students and teams to get cheap and high quality team shirts.
Stay tuned for more shirt details

Great idea…The Neurotoxins will be holding an off season event and now we know where to get the shirts from :smiley:

Ok great if you have an idea for the shirts send us your design to [email protected] and a shirt color and quantity and we will go on from there.

In case anybody else was wondering, Team 4841 is from Tucson, AZ

Yes we are based out Tucson, AZ we saw no one really offers this and we thought it would be a great idea and a good fundraiser for our FRC, FTC, and Vex teams. We offer our services to any and all robot programs so spread the word.

Hmm. Maybe this might do well for us to try. That is for sure cheaper than anything else I’ve seen.

Yes we tried to pick a cheap price that still will allow us to profit from this.

Are you planning on setting a cap for how big an order can be? This might be something we could do for our offseason competition.

Unless you plan to contact FIRST about using their name, I suggest you avoid registering or using the [noparse]firstshirts.org[/noparse] URL.

FIRST can’t own all usage of the word first… if you don’t use their logo you should be okay.

For example: firstcut.com (rapid cnc service, not related to FRC in anyway)

They don’t own all usage, but in the context of competitive robotics in jurisdictions where the trademark “FIRST is registered, they have a strong claim to it.

Since the original post appears to be advertising this service to the FIRST community in the United States, the possibility of confusion exists, for example with this. In principle, that could lead to a trademark infringement suit or other unpleasant outcomes.

As of right now no there is no cap on how many you order and yes we did think about the website and we could just change it to shirtsby4841.org

We will offer the ability to do hoodies, jackets, sweatpants, and stay tuned for more. All hoodies, jackets, and sweatpants will be given a price quote via email.