we won the best web site in israel

we took the best web site award
check it out…

Good job! I just looked around quickly, but it looks really good. Clean, simple design. Easily readable. Congrats on the award.

I like the lighting on these pics

Congrats, that’s a really nice site.

Great Job, clean layout, clean design, very elegant and simple!

By the way… your school looks amazing!

thnx you all!!
we had a problem with the site… and it dont up to date…
but well work on it in this days…

I love your site not only because it looks awesome but because your content is really top notch. I especially like your knowledge test (very cool idea) and your “promote other teams” feature. The site is very well organized and easy to navigate. You definitely deserved to win the award.

BTW your school looks like some kinda hitech research facility. :smiley: