wearable controlls

did anyone see any teams with wearable controlles? I know FIRST released an update on that, but we didn’t run into any at our two regionals.

At the philly regional I believe team 204 had wearable controls. Maybe someone can respond to confirm this, and provide pictures or more detail?


461 has wearable controls that give feedback to the drivers during a match. 447 also has wearables.

The update stated that you couldn’t plug wearable controls in until the end of the autonomous period. And that atleast your controller must sit on the shelf before a match and then you have to plug in your wearables or put them on at the start of the human control period… which can mean a loss of a second or 2 until you get better at it.

yeah, i read the update and was like “good idea… SUCKS FOR THEM!” :wink:

whadya mean “feedback”? like… did it vibrate when the robot hit something?

No we have LED’s mounted on our saftey goggles, the LED’s feed info back to the drivers so we know stuff about the robot…like some of our sensors cause stuff to light up, and low time causes a light on the base drivers to blink, and my set has one that lights up for low battery…

They are pretty useful…espcialy the arm sensors LED’s

I really like the idea of LEDs that give you feed back on battery condition… especially installed on saftey glasses… How difficult was that to rig up? Did you need any special equipment (either electrical, mecanical, etc)?

We have wearable controls … gloves that control our pnuematics

447’s wearable gloves are incredibly cool. If you’ve ever seen Minority Report (the movie), their drivers kind of look like the detectives in front of their glass screens. All you see is hands in the air! Their controls have special magnets, velcro, etc. to help them out, and it’s a very effective system!

461’s goggles are just supremely awesome, and what an innovative design! Kudos for the great idea!

447’s are definately super cool. I remeber when cyberblue had the really super sweet arm control. Totaly cool!

but 447’s takes it to a whole new level!

Ours are pretty simple if anyone wants me to explain it further i could probably write a whitepaper on it after this week when i have some time to do something other then homework and clean!

Someone at annapolis had wearable controlls, which looked like a jet-pack with cheep joy-sticks on it!