Weather For 4th Week Of Competition

I’m hearing of some crazy reports of weather, including golfball-size hail - as teams are traveling to some of the regionals. Stay safe and keep us posted about the weather. Maybe share some photos. (You really don’t want to know how warm and beautiful it is here in sunny Austin, right now.)


For the Waterloo Regional “load-in” (Bag & Tag Event) this evening… the weather kindly dumped 20cm (~8") of snow today! Hope someone gets a picture up soon… snow ball fight?:stuck_out_tongue:

We only get rain here in Southern California

We are probably going to have a couple feet of fresh snow on the ground for the Waterloo Regional if it keeps snowing :stuck_out_tongue:

The commute this morning was terrible, I hope unloading goes more smoothly.

EDIT: It has now stopped snowing. I can’t believe I missed post 2 though :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait! That’s not what the song says! It NEVER rains in California! We’ve driven out of the snow through freezing rain, and now its just rain. That’s from Rochester, NY on our way to D.C. Just now! Lightning! Student commentary on the walkie talkie: There was the lightning, hear comes the Thunder! Ba dum bump! :smiley:

In the past our team has had a 1 Tonne van loaned by one of our sponsors. That van was sold off this year so our sponsor gave us a Dodge Caravan Cargo version and an enclosed trailer. We had to roll our big toolboxes down ramps out of our portable into a snow bank, then up a slippery hill and into the trailer. Our robot is bagged and tagged in the back of the van. As we continued loading, we noticed the back of the van sagging lower and lower, and had to adjust weight distribution in the trailer accordingly. We got around 6" of snow today so when our mentor tried to pull away from the curb, he just sat there spinning the tires (did I mention there are summer tires on the thing). With a few students pushing he was able to get on his way. We hope he makes the ~2 hour drive to Waterloo tomorrow. He will be taking it easy on the snowy roads.

We’ve got snow in CT. And it’s starting to stick. Hopefully, it’ll be gone by the CTR.

Word has it, there’s some folks traveling to Hartford from Brazil that would love to see some snow. If it sticks, it might be nice to save some for the students to see. :slight_smile:


All they have to do is come to my front yard. I still have a fully covered front yard due to the fact that my house is in the woods.

Here in Southern California it has been rain, rain, rain. Every time I’ve had some time to take the inner tubes outside to practice throwing them, bam. Pouring rain. :stuck_out_tongue:

We just got a freak hail storm here on Long Island!

Thunderstorms here in the metro DC area tonight, forecast for this weekend is some sort of rain/sleet/snow (they have no idea which one as the night time temperatures are all over the place).

When the Pink Team goes North, it seems that the entire world goes out of balance.

My school cancelled school today with a whooping 2 inches of snow. We live in upstate NY.

Meteorologist failure!

And according to a TV show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

It was gloomy today. :mad:

Hahahaha I definetely agree :smiley:

Loading our van in the cold, rain and mud was certainly an interesting time today :rolleyes:

awww man :frowning: I was looking forward to possibly having nicer weather down in DC. oh well I guess I’ll just have to pack extra sweatshirts