Weather-related shipping issues?

Is the weather going to affect the ship date again this year?

Michigan received a fairly large amount of snow yesterday, and schools in three counties (including the one that sponsors my team) are closed down. That doesn’t affect very many FIRST teams, but today could be much worse.

The storm that hit us is moving on to the East Coast. If they get the same weather we did, they’re going to have snow for the entire day with the possibility of freezing rain following to ice over the roads and all of the snow that would already be on the ground.

I know that FIRST has moved the shipping date due to storms before. This one isn’t as big as the blizzard that hit us a year or two ago, but is it going to be enough to force a change in the shipping date?

School is canceled for us!

We’re trying to get into the building now.

We’ve had…three or four snow days over the past two weeks.


We’ve had a few short snow showers here in the UK so far today, with weather expected to worsen as the week goes on. I expect it’s nowhere near as bad as over there though, especially as we’ve been in little danger of a Snow Day so far. (We can hope)

Here is the great state of DE we got less then an inch and now its mostly freezing rain ish, It kinda nice not o get a whole crap load of snow cause all the schools here are closed anyway for Presidents day.
good luck to those teams affected by the snow so close to ship date.

Over here, less than an inch is enough to bring the roads to a stand still. As yet, it’s still struggling to settle at times, and we’ve not had more than about 1 cm (all together) all winter.

I add my wishes of Good Luck to those of Kyles

Right now, Connecticut is sitting in 6 inches of snow or so…and it is still snowing. And it’s the day before ship date. I was expecting to go in today to do more autonomous testing and/or practice some more driving. right now, from the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen.

I think right now the head of our team is decoding the entire school just for the robot team. However, that means no kids can go… :frowning:

YEah, here in PA our school was one of few that didnt have off today and we were hoping on working form 7 am-10pm to finish some things today. However, we got about 4 inches of snow/ice and they cancelled school. Luckily our teacher supervisor got us into the gym for about 2 hours this afternoon to do some driviign and autonomous programming. This isnt going to affect us much because we were almost done, but it isnt appreciated thats for sure!


Well as it sits now we have missed I believe 5 days of school due to the weather and most likly we will have to leave today at noon if it coninues to snow, which is realtively bad for us as we need to rebuild our gear box for the arm as we have already stripped 3 gears in 2 days so we will only have 3 hours of productivity today and then maybe 4 or so before we have to start packing up the robot for tomorrow. I am not sure they will extend the ship but if they do heres ta hoping!!

p.s. last time when they exteneded the date didnt they do it like 2-3 days prior it seems like it might be a little late to be doing it now the day prior, still hope they might but it doesnt look likely.

We’ve had 4+ inches since last night.

snow what’s that :stuck_out_tongue: well we have school today for my county so we can’t work on the bot till tonight-- and then pack it all up- i hope everyone finishes up all right and get their crate to be shipped alright

We have a snow day and the weather really isn’t that bad, so we showed up to do some finishing touches on the robot.


Our school only let kids in after noon, and only–get this–only if their parents were mentors.

So a kid couldn’t go if their parent wasn’t a mentor.



So I hear from our team’s lead mentor that FIRST told him that, if they were going to postpone ship date, they would have done so by noon.

So it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. I’m going to try to call to confirm. If that is the truth, I will be v. sad.