Web Cast & Website

I am designing a web that will be used for PARC XI this coming May 10, 2008, and am looking for any comments or suggestions as to any features such as updated scores and ranking after every match, and a page showing the elimination bracket that you would like to see. What format would you like the web cast in, external or embedded player? I currently can do Windows media.

I have also pieced together a basic tutorial on how to setup a web cast if anyone is interested in this or needs help with server setup (I have experience in hardware selection, setup, installation, domain name registration, DNS record management, website hosting, basic ASP.net & MSSQL, and Windows 2003) feel free to pm, or email me with any questions or if you would like a copy of the web cast file and I will try to help. Email


I’m interested in your services. I’ll be contacting you pretty soon. Thanks!

I’m currently in the proccess of setting up a linux (ubuntu 7.10) server for web casting, and will write an addition to my tutorial when done.
I also have the basic design of a SQL driven scores and ranking database, while it is currently geared towards a single off season event, it would work for any regional event, or to keep track of match scores throughout all the competitions with some modifications.

I have added features to my website including match results, ranking, team info, web cast, gameday portal(inspired by SOAP108 gameday), awards page, web cast flyer download, photo gallery, etc.


Let me know what you think. :smiley:

To sign up for the event please visit http://www.tigertrons.com