Web Competitors 2009

I was noticing that the thread for this year has not been started yet, so I decided to post it.

This thread is to showcase your team’s entree for the Website Award.

This thread is only to post your link and tell a little about the site. If you want to discuss a particular site, element, or rules for the award, post in another thread.

Post your website links!

AdamBots.com - Probably going to put out a new design before the deadline.


Work in progress, of course. We went live so we could show our supporters what we are up to during build season.


This is still the 2008 site, so there’s a lot of work that’s going to be done before it’s submitted. (Like that annoying video that repeats on the home-page, and well… a lot of stuff.)

Well, hopefully its going to be changed anyway.

One of the things we take pride in is updating it daily with pictures and a story every day of the build season posted by 8pm hawaii time. :smiley: :smiley:

At the very least, the content is getting changed. I’m going to make sure of it. I don’t have the necessary skills to change anything beyond that.

Anyway, I think side conversations like this are exactly what wasn’t supposed to happen in this thread… :frowning:


The Techno Titans will be participating! Currently working on improving website structure and usability.


Design was revamped and is currently being updated for this year’s season


It’s a work in progress.


PHRED will be entering for the first time in a while. We have a completely redesigned site from the bottom up.


After not having any complete sites for the last two years, I decided to make one to submit. It’s basically done now. Took roughly two months to build.

umm team 115 last yr website champions we are also changing our website mvrt.com

The site appears to be down, I’m assuming you’re still working on it? If so, it’s probably a bit misleading to post it prematurely. If not, then you may want to check your DNS settings or something.

Team 354. I’ve been working on it since November, and it seems that I still can’t get a better background then the cheezy pirate ship from Virginia.

But let me know whats good.

Make one up that matches the colors/theme of your team, maybe put the FIRST logo in the background.
1600x2000 pixels

Always making it better. Have made it very easy now to update pages from learning a new language this summer. Third design I’ve made of our website in the past 2 years.

Team 1946# Website …


here’s the 2915 site… it’s still a work in progress tho… some of the pages don’t exist yet, or are malfuncitoning, but should be fixed soon…

the site uses one HTML wrapper, and the rest is generated by a home made php parsing script

i started a thread to get feedback, and have gotten some great help, but could allways do with more.

thanks everyone


In 2007, we got the ‘Website Exelence Award.’ Now our site is acting up and stuff. Good luck to all thoes teams trying!