Web configuration interface only shows one talon

I have multiple talons, however, in the web config interface, under CAN interfaces, it only shows 1 at id 0. How do I see the rest of the talons as well as the rest of the devices?

All Talons will default to ID 0. Once you start giving them different IDs, you’ll see the others.

They will all show up as ID#0 by default. You will need to turn off the robot, and remove the breakers from the PDP for all Talons except for one. Then, turn it back on and go to the roboRIO web config and set the ID for that Talon, for example, at ID#1. Turn off the robot, and add in one more breaker (i.e., leave the first Talon powered and power on a second one). Then assign ID#2 to this. Continue until you have unique IDs for each Talon.

Tip: start assigning IDs at 1 so that when you add a new Talon, which will show up as ID#0, you can easily identify it.

Really? I just gave one of them a different id in the web config and others showed up. Though, some of the talons are not showing up or are showing up a bit later. Do I still need to remove all of the breakers and go one by one?

No you don’t need to go through the physical process, changing the device ID on the configuration page and reloading it should fix the conflict.

For reference: when there’s a device ID conflict a message will appear under device ID field “X Talons assinged device ID Y”] with X as the number if Talons and Y as the device ID

No you do not, I was mistaken. The web interface can distinguish between up to ~5 Talon SRXs of the same ID.

We had 9 on our robot this year so it didn’t work that nicely.

What I did this year with over a dozen talons was assign the group of conflicting talons a random ID (around 50) then reload the web dashboard and it showed one fewer talon conflicting with ID 0 and then the one with the random large ID. After giving all of them random IDs, I then gave them the correct numbers (1-14 in this case) individually by using the “light device ID” command.