Web Excellence 2006 notice

Any idea when FIRST will send out notices of web excellence to teams that may have acchieved that goal :confused:

I can’t remember how late that happened last year. Was it after Atlanta
? :cool:

Section 9. The Awards

9.7.4 Award Presentation
• Each team that wins Best Website at a competition will receive an award at that event.
• Teams that earn the Website Excellence award will receive an e-mailed, electronic certificate to place on their websites following the Championship.

do you know how long they will wait till send the email??

I see that there is a new button (fancy styling, on the upper left) of the CD portal… has anyone else gotten emails yet? Do they include what they suggest to improve?


The email just had a small generic blurb, and an attached graphic (in 2 formats).

Bah… looks like this will be fun trying to wrestle out of FIRST what was wrong with our website.

<rant> I have discussed this with other team’s web teams and they all seem to experience the same problems with this award. I am really curious who actually looks at the websites. I think doing some sort of peer-award would be awesome… especially if it was before the event using some sort of system similar to http://www.cssremix.com/ where the webmasters can vote for the best site (it would be great to have web-standards compliance awards as well). But this is all ideas, and I have no idea how to approach FIRST about it, even if it isn’t too radical of an idea.

Sorry for that, I just think it is sad how much time is put into these websites by teams for it to seemingly be brushed off by FIRST. Many of the teams I have spoke to have essentially given up on the award and are now targeting making a nice looking site to present team information for members & sponsors.

Oh yeah, and thanks for the reply Brandon :slight_smile: . I do not have access to the account that emails are sent to from FIRST so I appreciate the heads-up for once I do recieve the information.

As a website judge of two years, I sympathize with your request. The website award USED to be peer judged, but FIRST did away with that (forgive me, but I can’t remember why). As it is now, the FIRST judges are given a list of competing teams, their websites, and a long form to fill out. EVERY judge is required to score AND leave a comment about EVERY website. I’m really surprised they do not forward these comments and suggestions onto the teams, as this would be INCREDIBLY helpful to improve well into the future.

Okay, bragging rights now, Team 1089 (my team) won the website award at the NJ Regional this year. If you would like, please feel free to stop by our website and compare/contrast with ours (http://www.mercury1089.com ). I worked with the students this year to supply a massive amount of content and work with the fluidity and interactivity of it as well. If you would like to talk to me about what I personally think is important in a FIRST award-winning website, feel free to PM me.

so when do they send out emails for the regional winners with the graphics??? or did they sent them out months ago and my teacher is being oblivious?

They just send out the emails on Friday. Our team got the email from FIRST around noon. I’m not sure if it depends from regionals to regionals though. Our submission was for VCU and Chesapeake, and we got the Excellence Award.
Congrats to all the teams who did, and good luck for next year.

What about the teams that won the Best Website Award… do they get any graphic send to them this year?

The email i got state the fact that it has been out already. I guess if you haven’t received yours yet, you might want to contact FIRST about it.

Anyways… just curious, is there a way to figure out the teams who won the excellence award?
If not then can you please post your website here? That would be great

ours is in my signature.

I’d assume you can find the teams out by looking on the FIRST website at each individual regional awards. I’m not sure if there is a way to isolate an award and combine all regionals.

Trust me, the website judges are not treating this award lightly. I judged for a Regional and the Championship event. I spent many, many hours judging these sites (I maintain websites for a living). I gave feedback for each one, as did the other judges (there are many judges for this award for each event). If you have some suggestions for improving the award, have your team reps present them at your team feedback forum. If that has already occurred, have your team leader send them to FIRST.

is it like directly following the championships or no?

This thread is from 2006… but yes, they should have already been sent (CD’s is up, we have received ours - would assume they have all been distributed). Ask your head-contact if they have recieved any mail about it, and get them to check their trash and junkmail if they say they didn’t.