Web hosting help

So DK’s server is dying and we need to find a new place to host our web page and forum.

Any recommendations? We don’t mind paying for a quality host.

Dreamhost gives away REALLY nice webhosting packages to non-profits, including a free domain, unlimited space&bandwidth, and tons of other nice goodies.
Check it out: http://www.dreamhost.com/hosting-nonprofit.html

My employer uses Intermedia. They’ve been nothing but rock-solid for us, with support readily available by email or phone (but expect a rickrolling on each such call). Their email services are great too–hooray IMAP support!–and are easily administered. I’d have no qualms recommending them.

As for Team 1323 we have been using hostmonster. Hostmonster gives unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. We have almost more than 50 gigs of storage. They also come with great scripts, like forums and email.It is also only $7 a month. Also you can use many of their free templates and can also get a webdisk so you can upload pages without going to hostmonster’s cpanel every time. If you have any more question you can PM or email rc_cola1323

I used MediaTemple. They’re like the Apple of the webhosting empire. :slight_smile:
Their support staff is SO AMAZING. Like one of the guys just remembered me from my voice. Nothing creepy — just good personal customer care. (And it’s not that my voice is weird:rolleyes: :wink: )

However, they’re very expensive. I resell a lot of the hosting to offset my personal costs. If you’d like, I could give you free hosting. PM me if you need it.

I’ve had really good stuff with both GoDaddy (which we use now) and 1&1. Sadly you have to pay for both.

You should specify what type of hosting you need…some host are better if your running drupal, DotNetNuke, or a cms rather than a bunch of html pages. We used Godaddy because they have an auto-install feature for a bunch of cms stuff.

I was in the same search a few months back, at the time, the best reviews and price per quality for me was,

HostGator, http://www.hostgator.com/

We use HostGator for txfirst.org and have not had any isssues for the past 6 months.

Some good options have been mentioned already.

I admin another forum similar to CD, and Mark at www.cartama.net takes very good care of us.

I’ve used www.totalchoicehosting.com with good success.

I personally like www.fellowsites.org as a web host. They don’t have the most competitive plans out there, but they have good, very reliable servers and technical support, are zero-profit, and generally nice people.

1&1 is slow (server-wise), so if you don’t mind the pages taking longer than usual, they are a great company, with awesome support.

I recommend Dreamhost, and can give you a referral code if you decide to use them.

if your site is too big, consider looking into vps. some sites are not suitable for shared environment. i personally use chime hosting for small sites but have a vps for my bigger site.

I do my own hosting ofr my personal sites, and use m6.net for hosting client websites. :smiley:

I have been doing a search for a host this weekend.

In my search I wanted to look at companies who offered different interface Panels than the standard cPanel. Typically hosts that don’t use cPanel suffer more in the customer reviews but they might have more features. I started with many hosts on my sheet but eliminated many because of bad reviews. There are hundreds of hosts so there is a good chance I missed some good hosting sites. Unfortunately, the bigger companies who advertise tend to have a bias when searching, but user reviews are the best estimate of quality.

Here is an online spreadsheet,

If you find a company with a unique interface panel & good reviews let me know !


Plesk Control Panel :smiley:

I likewise being on same team am one of the sharers of the hosting package I don’t recollect having a single downtime except for the very rare “we need to take the servers down from 1-4AM Eastern Time on x day to do an update”

Occasionally they get a little slow but its luck of the draw due to the grid server you may pull from an overworked one one click and another one which is doing nothing the next click.

If we get funds we may make the jump to DV for the ability to install more software on it (although with less space)

I can host you on my xserve. PM me if you would like it. You can check the speed at http://xv.keehun.com

FRC 492 uses surpass. I highly recommend it, it does all that we need and more. They also have great support staff and lots of options, like easy password protecting for directories, all the sql goodies and email tools.