Web hosting services

Where does your team host your website? – preferably donated. I searched CD and found Sevaa and Dreamhost mentioned. Are there others worth considering?

We use inmotion hosting they give us a pretty good deal but it’s not donated.

We pay around $70 for domain registration and their power plan which is properly way more than we need for our website.

Dreamhost gives us free hosting for being a non-profit. I haven’t had many complaints.

We are also running on Dreamhost’s free non-profit plan. Haven’t had any issues (that we didn’t cause ourselves).

You get all of the perks and the power of a paid plan, but it’s free. What more can I say?

We get our domain, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth.

Here’s the information on their nonprofit discount.

We used 1&1 for a few years at a cost of something like $3 a month, but we got more free with Dreamhost so we switched. No complaints with them either if you really want to give someone money.

We like Squarespace because it’s easy to use if you haven’t done much web design, but it’s possible to go way deeper if you’re up for it.

I’m going to agree with Jacob on this one, though it can be a bit pricey. The customization through injected CSS can make it look a lot more interesting.

There are also a ton of great free HTML, Responsive themes on the internet if you go with another service.

We’ve been on TotalChoice hosting for a number of years, and we moved our domains to be with them also. I think we pay about $60/yr for hosting, and $12/yr for domains. Not the cheapest game in town, but we’ve been mostly happy with them. We like having cPanel which gives you Mailman (which we use heavily) and SQL access, among other things.