Web Hug 2011

Will there be a 2011 Web Hug at St. Louis?


I sure hope so, still enjoying the ChiefDelphi shirt I won last year.

I really wanted to go last year, but I got so wrapped up in the competition that I completely forgot about it when we were there. I’m definitely making sure I note it this time.

Is it generally during a time when a drive team member could make it safely without it interfering with match schedules?

Shirts are ordered… details soon…

Will there be Golden Tickets available this year? If so, when?

Can’t wait!

I’m super excited for the Web Hug this year! I’m gonna make my nametag even cooler than last years!

I had to trade away my ChiefDelphi T-Shirt from last year. I think it was an XL, and I wear between a small and a medium…

I think that this year I will surely make it a point to go if there will, in fact, be one. I feel like I missed out big time last year, and all my NERD friends got to do cool stuff.

I think I will be too busy being on the field to attend, but I am excited too!

Two Pencil Designs is looking forward to donating a good amount of items for this great tradition!


I wanted to attend last year, but I had to be on the field. I will try to be at the Web Hug this year!

It all depends on your team’s match schedule and any other commitments you may have to your team. Historically, the Web Hug has taken place on Thursday around lunch time. Out of the 3 years I was a member of the drive team, I was only able to attend the Web Hug once (and did end up winning a t-shirt!) because we usually always had the very last practice match before lunch, or the first one right after. However, now that qualification matches start on Thursday at 1pm, I would recommend drivers give themselves a bit of extra time to eat/strategize/queue up before their matches start over attending the Web Hug, just to be on the safe side. Though if your schedule permits, it’s definitely a fun opportunity to meet other members of the CD community!

I’m DEFINITELY going to be at the web hug! :smiley: Can’t wait for St Louis! :slight_smile:

Last year, I had just joined Chief Delphi before the WebHug, and didn’t print out a ticket, but attended. I really missed out on all of the cool goodies handed out, although it was nice to talk to people I never had before.

I think it would be a good idea to also designate the Webhug as a center/meeting place for T-shirt trading this year.

I fell like an old man remembering the webhugs at Disney world.

If you are old then our lead mentor is ancient. Oh wait, he is. Oh wait, that makes me ancienter.



I prefer to use the term “experienced” :smiley:

In any case, experienced or not, I will be there.

Thanks, I appreciate the information. I’ve been on Delphi for 4 years now and this may be my first opportunity to go, needless to say, I’m rather excited. I really hope that our match schedule works out. Did you win the T-shirt through a raffle, or some sort of contest? I don’t really know what to expect, other than I’ll get a chance to meet a lot of people who I’ve followed over the past 4 years and whom I have a lot of respect for.

It’s a raffle… but it’s a fun one.

What usually happens is: on the 47th minute of any given hour, a bunch of tickets are available. Click fast–the link typically appears at the top of the page. You get up to one per week that they do it (or two total, however the timing works). Show up at the webhug and wait for your name to be called.

To the organizers: If you’re looking for a place, try the second floor, either between the conference areas and the arena (there’s a nice lounge area with large windows, but likely lots of traffic) or at the top of the wide stairs near the entrance to Halls 3 and 4. Plenty of room up there. If you’re really desperate for a place, either 1st or 2nd floor of the America’s Center by the street entrance (Hall 1 area) could also work, but that area isn’t right between the pits and the arena.

And nope, sorry, I won’t be there. Something about being in college.

How long has the ticket acquisition process typically lasted and how soon before world champs does it usually begin?