Web-Site Affiliates

Hi, Team 369 is looking for other interested teams to join our small web-ring. What it basically is, a team sends us a small banner to post up on our website, while we in exchange send them ours. This is a simple and easy way to get to know each other better, and promote each other web-sites. If any teams are intersted please reply here or send me an e-mail to [email protected].

If anyone would like to take a look at our website before making a decision it is located at Gearbox369.org Thanks for your support!

Are you thinking of something like this :


Yes, but ours would be a little smaller and directly on the team websites as opposed to FIRSTTOPSITES. The web-ring also will not be based on rank, just page to page interaction so that if users browsing a particular team’s website like it, they can quickly jump to another team’s and learn about them.

Yes, I like this, not to mention all the lil 8?x? rectangles make websites look important, and it also helps everybody in the goal of being a better part of the robotics community!

S.P.A.M. is always here to help. We would be glad to help with this. My email is "[email protected]".

I would also like to suggest that the teams place their banner on their own website somewhere, such as a website credits page, and teams can look there if they want to link to it. Also, I would like to save the banner images on my own site to make it load faster. Maybe this should be integrated with FIRST Topsite and teams can get the banners from there.

I have sent e-mails / pms to the teams that wanted to join this webring. If any other teams are intersted please either post in this thread or e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you all for your support.

Are you intending this to be just for teams or can FIRST-Related organisations (like for example openFIRST or FIRSTcast) take part, too?

I think that FIRST Related organizations could also be included on this webring, so if you are interested please email me or pm me. Thanks

My site is apart of the web ring now. It is on the homepage. http://spamrobotics.com/ and I’ll add any other banners, even first-related organizations. I put FIRST Topsite there. I would prefer saving the banner images on my own server so the page loads faster so if you want your team’s site in the web ring, please send me the banner image as well as team 369 and whoever else is in it. Maybe we should have a system for signing up new teams in the web ring. Let’s also make a rule that if one of the sites in the ring shows a banner for a team that is not on your site, add it to your site without asking. This avoids lots of useless emails and occasionally we can all check out the other sites and find banners that we don’t have. This way, for a team to join in, they have to ask for their banner to be put on one or two websites and gradually it will spread around.

Please remember when linking to sites, to link to the domain. My site redirects to a skin, but that skin may change. So don’t just copy the URL from the address bar. Use only the domain. (http://spamrobotics.com/ for example) My team’s banner can be found here. http://spamrobotics.com/bin/logoonwall.jpg I would prefer other sites save the image on their own site. (rename the file)

I’ve added the logos/links to team sites 369, 180, and 176 to FIRST Blogs (on the new version of the site that’s going up shortly).

Our small logo is at http://blog.openfirst.org/img/wr/first_blogs_logo-small.gif and the address to link to is http://blog.openfirst.org (I don’t mind whether you use the image on our server or not).


Am I right that these are currently all of the existing images?
http://blog.openfirst.org/img/wr/ (and wow that SPAM image is a big filesize)

Edit: The new website is now up (along with the buttons).

I added FIRST Blogs to my site. http://spamrobotics.com/ My team’s banner is a little big I guess, but it is hard to read the yellow text. I am terrible with graphics and someone else made that as a large banner image. It was all I had for a small banner. Feel free to reduce the size more.