Web Site Statistics During The Championship


Some facts for your future presentations and conversations:

With the help of NASA’s Telescience Lab we streamed 6 fields, 12 streams, in Windows Media and Realplayer from the Robotics Finals. Archimedes seemed to get the most viewing.

Overall, we had over 80,000 hits to the FIRST web site which lead to 48,042 hits on the Windows Media webcasts, and 23,263 hits for RealPlayer webcasts, and reached a sustained output of Windows media streams of 324 Mbits/sec, and 52 Mbits/sec RealPlayer.

Throughout most of the competition, we had total between 1100-1300 simultaneous streams (WM and RealPlayer) online at any given time.

Top User Locations (Windows Media / Hits)

1 USA 38944
2 Canada 3304
3 Israel 1656
4 UK 468
5 Norway 373
6 Germany 353
7 Brazil 234
8 Turkey 229
9 Denmark 207
10 Netherlands 112

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Turkey??? are there teams from there???

Wow…just goes to show you how many people were really watching us…

Just out of curiosity, any clue as to how many people watched the finals on Einstein? It’s kind of freaky to think that 10,000 people watched in person + whoever else via the web cast (since NASA TV cut out).


Just one exclusive company…

Just one commercial…

Watched by 10,000 people on the webcast…


(hey someone pass me a cola…) :wink: