Web version of the logomotion score calculator

Hey everyone,

I loved team 103’s idea for a Logomotion Score Calculator, so decided to throw one together with html and javascript. It’s the same basic idea, but online so you don’t have to download anything and with support for race scores.

Give it a try at: http://norwellrobotics.com/calculator/
Good luck and hope it helps!

This looks very nice! Impressive. We were not as worried about the looks of ours as much, but this does look quite impressive!

Thank you for mentioning this, and our calculator too. We put a lot of work into it, and we hope it all goes to good use!

@cyberphil Thanks! Feel free to use my graphics in yours if you want.

If anyone’s interested, the code’s available at https://github.com/alexhenning/Logomotion-Score-Calculator

@Cyberphil Thanks, feel free to use my images in yours if you want

Code is available at https://github.com/alexhenning/Logomotion-Score-Calculator if anyone is interested.

I’ve also added touch support, so it works on the iPad. It also works on android phones (and probably the iPhone), although I need to optimize it some bit more for the smaller screen size.

Excellent! Thank you very much!

I greatly appreciate it!

Nice job! Works really well. The only problem i had is that on my mac the right click function for UberTubes does not work.

@Duke461 That’s odd, I’ll look into it. Are you using safari or another browser like firefox or chrome?

I was using chrome and it didn’t work. I just now tried it on Safari and it didn’t work either. But it did work on Firefox perfectly fine so I’ll just have to use Firefox as much as i despise mozilla (still not as bad as IE :smiley: )
Thanks for the calculator by the way
good luck this year,

@Duke461 That’s odd, it works on safari for me and I’ve been developing in chrome. There is an error console that can be opened from the Develop menu (which in turn can be enabled in (Prefences / Advanced / Show Develop menu in menu bar). If there’s an error post it and I’ll see what I can do. Otherwise, if you’re happy with firefox stick with it.

@everybody I’m playing around with another interface for dragging the ubertubes. It will limit you to three ubertubes. I’m just checking that there are no bugs, feel free to try it and let me know what you think.

I just tried it, and it only doubled the peg score for the tubes that formed a logo. It should double the peg score for the tubes on the entire row that contains a logo.

@Duke461 I tested it on safari and it had no problem and I was using chrome when developing, that’s very odd are you getting any errors?

<G66> If three LOGO PIECES form a LOGO, the assigned points from the PEG SCORE in that row of that SCORING GRID are given as an additional LOGO BONUS, effectively doubling the score of the row.
It’s not very clear in my calculator that the left 3x3 are one grid and the right 3x3 are a separate grid. I’ll try to make the grids clearer in a future version.

I have a second version that uses drag and drop for the ubertubes instead of right clicking. I’m looking for some feedback before I replace the other one completely.
Check it out at http://norwellrobotics.com/calculator/alt/ if you’re interested.

Even putting web browser errors aside your new calculator should definitely be the one to use. Very good idea.
There’s no “errors” with the program, it just doesn’t work on safari or chrome. I tried it again and they still don’t work using the right click method.
But again, the new one is awesome. You should definitely switch to that.
Hope this helps,
good luck,

Sorry about the long reply time, I’m are teams only programmer… and well I’ve been busy. I’m going to leave it at /alt, because I haven’t had time to test on iOS devices and I know dragging doesn’t work on android. I’ll fix that as soon as possible, and then I’ll make it the actual one.

Works great on the iPad, too! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this!


Thanks, I decided to make /alt the actual one so now http://norwellrobotics.com/calculator/ is the latest and the old one is at http://norwellrobotics.com/calculator/old/ if anyone else was playing around on an android. I’ll try to fix it on android the next snow day.

If anyone notices any other problems, let me know.

Look at that, a snow day. I fixed it, so afaik, it works on all devices. I also added penalties.