Webcam bringing down robot communications


Our team is using a LifeCam-3000, just getting the raw feed and putting it on Shuffleboard to help the drivers see when the robot is across the field. The only code for it is these two lines in the robotInit method in

UsbCamera camera = CameraServer.startAutomaticCapture();
camera.setResolution(320, 240);

We had some initial success with viewing the feed when connected to the robot via USB, however when trying to view the feed wirelessly the communication and robot code lights in Driver Station would go red. The diagnostic page still had green lights for the Robot Radio and Robot, and I was still able to ping the RoboRIO. I’ve tried reflashing the RoboRIO, and using a different radio, but the issue persists.

Any help appreciated.

What is the bandwidth utilized? Measuring Bandwidth Usage — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation


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