Webcam settings software

School reimaged our machine and now I can’t remember the software we used to change the settings of our webcams such as darken them.

Try GRIP. Otherwise, write your own program with OpenCV, which I would suggest.

Trying to adjust the webcam to use in FTC this season as the camera on the phone was picking up all kinds of objects in the background while running tensorflow sample.

I assume you meant to ask for help finding the software? Can you provide more info? Mac, PC, Linux? What did it look like. Do you remember what the name sounded like?

We are using windows 7 and I remember it allowed us to change the settings on the camera to darken in and it applied it directly to the camera because no matter what machine we plugged it into it was darker.

And when you wanted to use this program, how did you start it?

You may be looking for Lifecam Studio.