Posted by Tom at 1/14/2001 1:19 PM EST

Other on team #125, Nu-Trons, from Northeastern and Textron.

Just wanted everyone to know that we are trying something new out here at Northeastern, We currently have installed a web cam for everyone to check out and see what we are doing. Feel free to check it out @ and hit the view web cam link.
P.S. just started this yesterday so if there is any problems dont give up on us.

Posted by Justin at 1/14/2001 2:30 PM EST

Other on team Blue Lightning Alumni Association from RWU sponsored by FIRST-A-holics Anonymous.

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Posted by Tom on 1/14/2001 1:19 PM EST:


I think you guys might just be the first FIRST team with a live webcam of your shop. I like the idea!! Now if we get more teams to follow suit I won’t even have to leave my room to watch robot construction :wink:

Cool stuff guys,


Posted by nitrate at 1/17/2001 11:45 PM EST

Student on team #125, NU-TRONS, from BLS.

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Posted by Justin on 1/14/2001 2:30 PM EST:

yo …

You bet we’ve got the first FIRST WebCam!

Also got a pretty kick ■■■ public message board, too (hint hint) :]