Webcast - Dec. 16, 2006 - Florida FVC Regional

I’m happy to finally be able to confirm that we will be hosting a webcast of the competition taking place this Saturday at Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando, Florida this Saturday. The IP address will be posted in an edit to this post on Saturday morning when we go live. We of course welcome everybody in the area to attend this regional, and we hope that the webcast can help teams around the country get the chance to see FVC matches before their regionals.

This regional will be relatively small since we just started planning within the past 6 weeks, but we will be webcasting it side-by-side with the local Orlando FLL competition occuring in the same venue. I think the event will still be a fun watch if you’re around to see what the other FIRST groups are doing. More information and an agenda for the overall event is available at http://fll.team1902.com/

so is it up?

Is the webcast for the FVC Regional working? I cannot see a link off the weblink that was provided in the initial message?

well it susposedly started at 12:55. but stull no link…:rolleyes:

i was really looking forward to this, but i guess it never happened.

possibly videos on google or something?

Hey guys, I really messed this one up. I’m sorry to have made the post about it and then just leave you hanging like that. I didn’t get to post on the day of the competition due to the hecticness that I couldn’t get it together in time. I was working with some other of the 1902 Mentors on a skycam that we used at the competition and I purchased a video capture card Friday night to run the webcast on from Bestbuy and when I got it home the product was mistaken. Obviously being last minute I couldn’t exchange it in time. I know that we did have one ground camera running around recording and I am trying to get ahold of a copy of it. If I am successful I will get in touch. So again, sorry about that guys, we tried throwing it all together after us UCF mentors finished up with our finals and just ran out of time.

The Vex based pan and tilt system that you and your team built for the video camera was awesome! Are you going to post a photo of the system?

Have you considered building a LEGO based system for FLL competitions?

Hey guys - congrats on putting together a really nice event. I was so busy that I didn’t take pictures or videos of the event. I know some parents have pictures, but I was anxious to see some video. Please see what you can do about getting them posted somewhere!!!

Does anyone have an interest in a scrimmage here in Martin County? Probably late Feb or Early March??

Before copying it, see the safety suggestion in the discussion under the picture. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/26048?