Webcast Hosting Question

I’m going to start off with: I think this thread really belongs elsewhere (like the IT/Communications subforum), but I suspect it’ll get more traffic here.

I volunteer with a group that is just starting to do some webcasting. One of the viewers of the most recent webcast noted that in a span of a couple hours, no fewer than 6 full-screen ads came up. And we don’t like full-screen ads, particularly due to the content of the webcast needing to be largely uninterrupted.

So, what I’m wondering is, is there a free webcast hosting service that does NOT place full-screen ads? (Or that gives users the ability to turn off the full-screen ads?) We’d actually prefer zero ads period, but that’s a whole lot tougher to find these days. Stream recording ability is preferred. (We can record in other ways, but would prefer not to have to lug out a second camera.)

I also figure that some FIRSTers would like to know about any such services; after the 5th time per screen on multiple screens, ads during regional webcasts get really old…

Is there ads on YouTube live streaming? Id suggest that. In theory YouTube lets you not have ad’s on your videos so maybe its the same for live streaming?

I don’t know much about Youtube streaming. We’ll have to look into that.

Youtube live streaming is only if you’re a partner–and they approach you for that. We’ve looked into other approaches, but for now we’re sticking with Ustream (despite the ads). Might see if we’ve got the equipment to host the stream ourselves, though.