WEBCAST: Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge 2008

The Webcast is HERE!

In order to win, a team must rise to 50 meters, translate over 50 meters, and land. They must spend at least 90 seconds in the air. To top it off, they must do this TWICE in 150 minutes! And this is the level 1 prize, no team has attempted the level 2 prize.

Also, the next launch window starts at 2.30 Mountain Time. Their is a good chance that the prize will be won during this window.

Updated blog with details from the challenge.

A new team TrueZer0, just crashed, but considering the remarkable speed of development, and their mostly untested vehicle, they still had a pretty good flight, spending 18 seconds in the air. The blog of their progress is extremely interesting.

TrueZer0’s development blog

Update 15:

John Carmack and his Armadillo Aerospace team have successfully won the Northrop Grumman Level 1 contest. Tomorrow they return for a much more difficult Level 2 effort - making use of a different vehicle to shoot for the Level 2 prize money.