Webcast portal - first pass

I’ve taken the last couple days to code up a simple webcast portal. The intended audience is people who are interested in a particular team at a single regional: your friends, your family, any sponsors who can’t watch it live, etc. I hope people inside of FIRST will like it too, but just remember that it has a specific audience, and isn’t trying to compete with things like the MMRambotics multi-feed page.

I plan to have Week 3 regionals all up and running by Thursday night. The event codes match the FRC FMS event codes. PM me if you have a webcast link you’d like me to add.

The source code is available here. It uses a Python script to grab tweets from the twitter feed, parses the data, and puts it into a mysql database. Later this week, I’ll set up the script to grab new tweets every few minutes. PHP code reads from the database and displays the page.

I would love comments and feedback on any of this work. If there is interest and my school schedule permits, I will keep the site updated through the end of this season. For next year, I’d like to see it be subsumed by another project or evolve into something more permanent and maintainable.

Sounds like a great idea! Keep it up, would like to see more.

However, the above links don’t work. I tried NY for the week 2 New York regional; that didn’t work either. Couldn’t think of any others off the top of my head.

Firefox doesn’t like the links–gives an error message (site-side).

Fixed the links. I made a stupid error posting them the first time.