Webcast Question

Two questions:

How can I view the recordings of past events’ webcasts? Many events are missing from the Twitch pages on which they were broadcast.

Also, does anyone know where I could find recordings for a couple of matches from Arkansas last week? A few of the matches don’t have videos linked on TBA.

FIRST has disbaled vods due to DMCA concerns, from what i understand.

Check the FIRSTRoboticsCompetition youtube page, specifically the playlists section. If its not there, its likely lost to time currently.

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Most matches will be on TBA. Of those that aren’t, the twitch vods of some might still be up. Find the right channel that was streaming the event, check the vods tab, and scrub through the vod (if it’s there) for the match you’re looking for. If it’s not on twitch, you’re just gonna have to ask around for if anyone recorded the stream or the match in-person.

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