Webcast - Sept 8th - Mission Mayhem

I’m pleased to say that we will:
A) Be indoors this year.
B) Be running a webcast of Mission Mayhem once again.

This post will be updated as the event nears with a link. We are welcoming all of you through the forum as well as AIM (miketwalker86) to throw in fun, appropriate, phrases for our announcers to try to work into their game-by-game announcing.

So join in on the fun this Saturday as several of Einstein and Division Finalists get together for another showdown. If history says anything, it’s sure to be one crazy event!

Thanks Dave Flowerday and the guys from Team 111 for hosting our feed for us once again!

How was this not a breaking news story on CNN :slight_smile:

Just playin’…I think Florida really showed how tough we are at the Championship (3 Division Winners, 2 Division Finalists, and a few more that made eliminations I believe), and hope everyone gets a chance to watch.

See everyone on Saturday.

Awesome, thanks Mike and wildstang.

This is great for students who dont have enough time to leave campus. Hope to see all regionals with live feeds.

will there be a link to webcast or could someone point me in right direction.



Hopefully the sky cam won’t be looking at my mug much…