Webcasting a Regional

I was looking into webcasting (maybe recording) one of the regionals my team is going to (Chesapeake). I’m not sure yet though if I will be able to do it though. I have seen instructions for recording a regional, however, how do you go about webcasting the regional? Who provides the internet connection (you? the regional? NASA?) Any recommendations on what software to use (for Mac)–I was looking into ustream.tv.


I just toyed with ustream.tv it seems pretty easy. You have to provide the connection I believe. Check with your regional most of them should have one available. I was using my MBP’s internal webcam with my houses wireless network and it was working pretty nice. Just if you are running the MBP don’t have it on your lap, it is processor intensive and it gets HOT. Any firewire/usb camera should work. When I get back to school Im going to see if I can borrow a digital video camera to use.

Im not sure about the web part but i know that most webcasts steal the video stream from the main screen and broadcast that.

Thanks for the information.

We have a couple of Mac G4s that we might be using for the webcasting / archiving. (I don’t yet know entirely how the archiving might work). Apparently there is a ‘video drop’ from the big screen projector video that you are allowed to plug into. We also have a Sony DV converter that encodes from RCA into a DV feed.

Also, I found these programs called Darwin Streaming Server and Quicktime Broadcaster. They look like they might work…does anyone have any experience with these?

The more I look at it, ustream seems pretty good too. I like the nice streaming flash interface.

I also sent an email to the Chesapeake Regional Committee asking about the internet connection.

Thanks for testing out ustream and letting me know how it worked!

Just a warning…if there is only one connection available, the link to FIRST takes priority. The match scores need uploading almost immediately.

Yeah–I contacted the regional committee to try to find out if there would be a connection available that we could use… (I would think that there would be…it is the USNA)

All the more reason that you wouldn’t be able to use it.