Webcasting NASA TV of Lone Star/ So. Cal

Posted by Alan Federman at 03/12/2001 11:08 PM EST

Engineer on team #255, Odyssey, from Foothill HS, San Jose and NASA.

Details of the weekend webcast of upcomming regionals
have not been finalized. 4 hours of NASA/TVCoverage on Sat for So. Cal. has been confirmed for 10am - 2pm.
This may not catch all of the finals.

Real Media Coverage of both events is being provided by volunteers, so nothing is definite.

Details will get posted on the NASA Robotics page.

Also - anyone who followed the action on the web of the VA regional owes a GREAT big thank you to Jeff Seaton - who did a great web page - webcast and also served as MC! as a result he pretty much was out of the coaching loop on team 122.

You can get the blow by blow match scoring and team rankings on the http://robots.larc.nasa.gov web site.