Webcasting Of Ramp Riot 2008

We just wanted to draw attention to the fact that we are webcasting this year.

Please check out the action from about 8:30 AM until 5 PM.

We are also casting a Seminar on the new Rio controller being held by Team 103 Cybersonics.

So please check it out.

The control system webcast is about to start. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ramp-riot-ix---frc-control-seminar

Where will the FRC demo be found now that it is over?

We’ll post the 2009 controller seminar online in the coming week. We’ll post the link here!

I apologize if anyone is chatting next to our webcast. I can’t see it because for some reason the district’s internet is blocking that part of the site. I did happen to see the comment about the audio though - my apologies!

So how’d the competition go? Final seedings/alliances/matches/awards please:D Thanks

I’ve attached a picture of the final rankings.

The alliances were:

  1. 25, 103, 303, (708)
  2. 1218, 272, 709
  3. 1219, 834, 433
  4. 522, 271, 1719
  5. 222, 341, 768
  6. 1923, 1727, 484
  7. 1403, 365, 104
  8. 2016, 423, 316

A fourth team was randomly assigned to each alliance, but I was unable to record them.
As far as the elimination bracket:

1 vs. 8
2 vs. 7
3 vs. 6
4 vs. 5

1 vs. 4
2 vs. 6

1 vs. 6

Just an FYI.

The official results of Ramp Riot 2008 can be found in this thread.

Thanks to everyone that watched the webcast or participated in the event!

This year’s webcast was quite honestly a last minute experiment.
Our media coach Kirsten did an incredible job with not much notice.

We were just wondering how the experience was for the viewers? I checked it a few times during the day with mixed, but mostly positive results. We are particularly looking for comments about the quality of the cast while it was running. (We already know we lost our connection a few times)

We know that at one point there were 170 people watching. We are hoping that some of those people were Delphi subscribers.

We wanted to get positive and negative feedback about the webcast, so that we can make decisions about next year.
Please write back with honest comments. If its bad, we won’t take it as a flame.:slight_smile:


Team 341

That’s rather interesting, can’t seem to remember alliance 4 playing against alliance 5.

does anyone know when the webcast of 103’s new controller demonstration is going to be posted?