Webcasts 2016 Week 0.5

Week 0.5

Palmetto Regional Myrtle Beach, SC, USA Feb 24th to Feb 27th, 2016

Please post replies on any new streams or corrections thanks.

Will there be another live stream for this? My schools IP blocks ustream.

Will practice matches be broadcast or will the webcast start tomorrow?

If anyone who is at the regional could get us an update that would be very cool. I’ve looked around and it doesn’t seem to say when they will start streaming. Practice matches are scheduled from 12-7 EST.


+1 I have been waiting

I can’t for the life of me find the thread, but I saw a mention that they’d be testing streaming late Thursday to make sure it was working for opening ceremonies Friday. It sounded like feeding our addiction by streaming all practice matches wasn’t a priority.

Stream is live on TBA now.

Any idea if we will get a higher resolution stream during the actual event? 280p is a little hard to see.

Edit: It got a little better once the camera zoomed in, but the view of the whole field is blurry.

we watched some matches but now is offline again

Video of practice day…

When will the stream go up today?

up now…

Just realized that, however; my schools IP is still blocking it :frowning:

179 just had a huge match!

Thats what proxy servers are for

Unfortunately ustream is the only streaming site the proxy blocks

This webcast is amazing…the sound is being done the way sound should be done!

At 10:21am on the east coast, over 1120 people currently watching, and climbing…

Pretty incredible.


mind linking the match if possible? some of us were still asleep… :rolleyes:

Just started watching, and the first thing i hear is “The Cheval de Frese is broken, third item today.” Wow.

Opening and Matches 1-12 For swamp thing …check 57:00 (1 HG auto 2HG (2 miss) and climb )