Posted by Alan Federman at 03/22/2001 8:08 AM EST

Engineer on team #255, Odyssey, from Foothill HS, San Jose and NASA.

Looks like NASA is go to webcast both silicon valley and Philly. links to both will be on the robotics.nasa.gov home page. Connectivity on both webcast is on Campus backbone ethernet - so the quality of the broadcast should be much better, unless all those college students decide Friday is the day to Download 3 million songs from Napster!

On Friday afternoon NASA-TV should start broadcasting the SV regional - hopefully all the way to 4PM on Sat.

PS. It takes a lot of time and effort to set up these webcasts - and I have yet to here a single thank you from anyone - if they aren’t appreciated they will not happen in the future. While team mentors like Jeff Seaton and myslef are working the webcast - we are not
spending time wth our teams - which is where we’d rather be!

Posted by bonnie at 03/22/2001 10:20 AM EST

Other on team #343, Metal in Motion, from Hamilton Career Center and Hamilton Career Center and Oconee Partners.

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Posted by Alan Federman on 03/22/2001 8:08 AM EST:

Alan, check out my earlier post which, btw, I posted BEFORE I read yours. I hope that you are doing this work for the love of the game and out of the kindness of your heart rather than for the thanks.
But all that said I REALLY do appreciate your expertise and knowledge. If I were doing it right now you’d probably be getting a faxed photo or something :slight_smile:
Gotta luv it!
Go TEAM 343

Posted by Andy Grady at 03/22/2001 10:28 AM EST

Other on team #126, Gael Force, from Clinton High School and Nypro Inc…

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Posted by Alan Federman on 03/22/2001 8:08 AM EST:

Well, let me be the first to say thank you to you NASA guys for doing such a great job and taking time away from your teams in the name of gracious professionalism. Every saturday I get the chance, I sit my lazy butt down in my seat and scout out these regionals from my computer, and like many of us, I have taken it for granted. I just want to let you guys know, that you are making my job in florida much easier by allowing me to preview these teams and strategies. So in closing, you guys are the best, keep it up, and I appologize for not saying thank you much earlier.
Andy Grady

Posted by Kevin Sevcik at 03/22/2001 11:11 AM EST

Other on team #57, Leopards, from BT Washington and the High School for Engineering Professions and Exxon, Kellog Brown & Root, Powell Electrical.

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Posted by Alan Federman on 03/22/2001 8:08 AM EST:

Hey Alan,

I for one, know just how hard these webcasts are to setup, so thanks for running all across the nation to set them up for us. Hopefully FIRST won’t get any bright ideas about flying me all over the place while you’ve got the job covered already.

Thank a bunch, can’t wait to see the stupendous webcast from whichever regional you’re managing.

Kevin Sevcik

Posted by Lora Knepper at 03/22/2001 12:10 PM EST

Other on team #177, Bobcat Robotics - Adoptee, from South Windsor High School and International Fuel Cells.

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Posted by Alan Federman on 03/22/2001 8:08 AM EST:

Alan, Jeff, Kevin (and everyone else that has set up or helped with a webcast)

Thanks a bunch…more than just being a lot of fun to watch, the webcasts have taken scouting to a whole new level! Thanks for putting in the efforts to connect everyone to regionals far from home.

And although we may whine about the quality and speed of the feeds, and even if we are dropped frequently - it’s a HUGE step from where we were just a few years ago! And we all know we’d find SOMETHING to complain about - even if it was perfect and the stream was TV quality ;o)

~ lora