WebDashboard not working

I have a test bench set up with nothing but a Talon SRX and a Limelight hooked up. I have re-imaged and re-formatted the RoboRIO and configured the radio. I also installed the Pheonix web-based config using the CTRE Pheonix Lifeboat. Whenever I try to access the webdashboard in Chrome, however, it just cannot load the page. I can get it to load in Internet Explorer over USB, but not over the radio. I know that CTRE released the Pheonix Tuner, which I am going to try tomorrow, but I am curious as to why the WebDashboard would not be working in Chrome, but it would still work over USB?

Yeah, I just heard it from someone on my team yesterday

That’s not entirely true. The webdashboard still exists, but does not contain as many features as previous years. CAN devices are not shown, which is why you need Phoenix tuner. However, you should be able to connect using chrome or firefox (IE and Edge have issues).

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Hm…then it’s odd I still can’t connect. Oh well, as long as Tuner works well, I shouldn’t need it :slight_smile:

Yeah, IDK