Webhug 2005

I was wanting to know some info about if there would be a webhug 05? Would it still be at nats? I didn’t make it to the one last year because if felt I was a bit new to CD so I figure one year is enough time to get in on the fun stuff! So, who knows info about it?

I haven’t been to one.

I’ve planned to go to one every year.

So this year I’m not planning on it.


I think Brandon has usually made the plans for it and posted them up here when we get closer to nationals. Just be patient.


I’ll grab you from the pit when it is time. You have about 3 months, mallet man.

Andy B.

Hey andy, Mind grabbing me from my pit? I missed it last year. :slight_smile:


Hey Arefin,
Mine grabbing me from my pit? I missed it last year
-Irab Nifera

I won’t make it this year.
We’re comming down Thursday and will probably be just getting in when the webhug is happening.

Hey Bharat, you think you can grab me from my pit?

I won’t be in the pits but this is my last year on RAGE - can somebody grab me from the stands? I don’t want to miss it! (Are mentors allowed?)

Everyone’s allowed to come! :slight_smile:

Arefin i will grab you…right when the team needs you

o i am a saboteur…:slight_smile:

Conga line! :stuck_out_tongue:

Does someone want to grab me from PA?

WebHug talks already? Yow. Just kidding – we actually already have some stuff prepared to hand out at the thing. More details on that later.

When we have the date/time/location (probably pretty much the same as last year) we will post an announcement on the portal.

As for the reminder … how about this. I’ll set up a sign-up page where you can enter in your cell phone #. I’ll work up some automated reminder text-paging script to send you a text page up to 2 times before the webhug. You can choose one or both from: an hour reminder, and a 15 minute reminder, or something to that effect. Don’t have a cell phone? You’ll just have to remember, then. :slight_smile:

What is the WebHug you ask? We will give a quick hello, let people meet & greet, maybe hand out some goodies, etc. Shouldn’t take up too much time. Keep an eye out for an exact location.

If you don't know what the Web Hug is, and want to read about previous years, see these threads: 


mmmm that is a great idea like 10 min before the webhug we should go around the pits in a conga line with music and signs saying follow us to the webhug. Then for sure people wont miss it

That cell phone reminder sounds terrific. I’ve planned on going for the past 2 years and forgot both times.
Too bad I won’t be in Atlanta this year though. =(

Maybe someone could get the pit announcer to give a little warning before it is about to start in the pits. I can see it now there is a announcement and all the pits empty out, that would be great.

We’ve asked FIRST to announce in the past, and for good reasons, they have declined. I’ll work on the cell phone reminder in the coming months. Stay tuned.



Getting closer… FYI

There will be a NEMO “Meet and Greet” on Thursday, April 21, 2005, at 10:00 a.m. at the Championships in Atlanta. I am aiming to meet outside the Georgia Dome, to the right of the doors before you board the escalator to go to the World Congress Center.

Can we set up a schedule so there are no conflicts or perhaps combine the activities to a mutual location?