Webpage intro animation, which one is better?

Hi fellow FIRSTers… i was wondering if you could give me your thoughts/comments on this animation i just whiped up… and please vote which one you think looks better… i would like to get a general opinion before submitting it to our webmaster for posible addition on the website.

http://www.cricketsnorth.com/kevin/Preview.html (top is 1, bottom is 2)


First, I’m voting neither. I’m opposed to intro animations on the basic grounds that it’s just one more thing to get between your audience and your website. I’m of the belief that you want to get them the info they want as quickly, intuitively, clearly, and prettily as possible. In that order. So I only like eye-candy that doesn’t get in my way on websites, and I really dislike intro animations cause I’m not going there to see it. To expound even more, look at what FIRST did with their main page. An intro animation, but with all the menu bars and links around it that you need. So you can stare at it if you like, or you can just get where you need to go.

Second, you’re misusing the FIRST logo. The usage guidelines specifically state that you’re not supposed to modify it or re-interpret it or anything. If you’re making a parody of it, you’re fine, but I’m pretty sure you’re not. Not that FIRST is likely to prosecute you or anything, but the usage guidelines are there and they really should be followed.

there kinda jerkey on my comp. possibly add some frames inbetween each one.

Seconded. Splash pages are good, but only if they provide useful navigation. Otherwise, just take me to the content right away.

If I have to choose one I will go with the second one, personally I am not a major fan of either one. Sometimes you get it perfectly and find something that just looks great yet neither one of these hit that mark.

The top in my opinion looks pretty sweet. But, hey both of them are great and good job. :smiley:

I like the flow of the 1st one. good job

They are side-by-side on my monitor. :]

If these are the first thing I would see when I go to your Website the answer is “neither.” If you put a button on the bottom that says “Skip animation and enter site” it would be more palatable.

work on your flash skills a bit more…!
Good job though! It’s a great start. I would also vote neither, the intro is not informative and plus impedes access to the webpage… its cool if you make a cookie so it only plays for first time visitors.
you need audio, something flashy and catchy that tells something about your team (if you do an intro)

I have not watched either one, but i do not like intros. Often an intro on a webpage is enough to make me leave before i even enter. I should not have to watch some irrelevant video just to get to the content.

Sorry if i sound harsh

thanks for all the comments… although i finished this animation several weeks ago…to see the finish product… http://www.instigators1596.com

i had some fun with poof balls… lol