Webpage upload

My Webmaster Can’t figure out how to upload the webpage can someone give us a wlkthrough on how to do it

It might help if you tell us about where the web site is hosted, what software you are using to create the web page, etc.

Generally you need to use what is called an FTP program, but many web composing programs have this built in (such as Mozilla Composer).

Also you need to know where on the host that you need to put the pages, there usually is a directory with a name like “www” or “public_html” that you would put things into.

Are you referring to submitting your website for the FRC Website Award?

The website is submitted at www.firstawards.org - your team may already have an account there. The website must be submitted by midnight EST tonight in order to be evaluated.
Also see sect. 5.28.1 in the Game Manual for additional information.

I have a somewhat related question. When we submit our website on the awards page, does it save an archived copy of the page? Or do the judges view the page as it stands at the time of the regional?

Basically can we make changes the judges will see between now and our Regional?

If you mean upload as in move the site from one computer to another you can do it in Internet Explorer. Just type in ftp://yourserver then login with your info.

Websites are judged “live” but judging begins after midnight today, so your site should be in top form by then! Websites are evaluated prior to the competition (see sect. 5.28.3 of the Manual).